What have you learned from hiking? A challenge to hiking bloggers

Hiking has taught me a lot about life and gear over the past 15 years. What has it taught you? My challenge to fellow hiking bloggers is to write a short post about what you have learned from hiking.

Maybe you learned the meaning of life or maybe you learned that wool is itchy, there are no wrong answers. Keep it simple and fun, I think it will be interesting to see what everyone is learning on the trail.

If you post to Twitter, then add hashtag #hikelessons

Here is my example:
Hiking has taught me to appreciate every moment. I recently completed my 11 year journey to hike NH’s 48 4000 footers. Along the way I hiked with friends who are no longer around or family members who stopped hiking. Each hike has taught me to appreciate the people I was with at the time because there is no guarantee of hiking with them again. Additionally, hiking has taken me to some of the most beautiful scenery that I could ever imagine. I have learned to appreciate these beautiful views because they are always to brief. Lastly, hiking is something that I look forward to and I have learned to enjoy every moment on the trail because you never know when you will be back.

7 thoughts on “What have you learned from hiking? A challenge to hiking bloggers

  1. Ryan Linn

    Nice. I was already thinking of writing a post about this, so I'm glad you mentioned it. I could go on for days about all I've learned while hiking, but I'm going to focus on one entertaining topic. It'll be online by turkey day. I can't wait to see what everyone else has, too.

  2. Grant

    Ryan, hiking minds seem to think alike! It is so true that we learn a lot hiking, I think I learn something new each time I hit the trail. Can't wait to see what topic you pick!

  3. OPW5000

    Congratulations on finishing your 48, Grant! What a great accomplishment. I really enjoyed this post as well. I often think about how great it is to spend time with friends while hiking…definitely not something to take for granted!

  4. Grant

    Thanks Owen! It def feels good to finish the 48 and I wish you the best of luck in your quest. I would love to hear what you have learned from hiking if you are up for the challenge in this post.

  5. Mark Truman

    Let me add my congratulations on finishing the 48 Grant! I really like the hiking lessons post idea. Great just to think about this and reflect on all the wonderful things that make hiking special for all of us. Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts.

  6. Grant

    Karl – Your response to the challenge truly set the bar! You have really captured all of the amazing things that hiking teaches us on and off the trail!

    Mark- Thanks for the kind words! It is definitely a good idea to take some time to reflect on past hikes because there is so much to learn!

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