My friends over at recently sent me a box of Clif Shot energy gels as well as Clif bars and they asked me to share an unbiased review of the product and their company.
About NutritionFix:
NutritionFix is a new online sports supplement company that sells 5,000 products from 75 health and wellness brands. I know what you are thinking. Aren’t supplement stores just for bodybuilders? Why would backcountry enthusiast shop there? NutritionFix does offer a wide array of protein supplements and vitamins which are helpful in the weight room. They also sell many backcountry friendly items like Clif bars and Clif Shot energy gel. Buying these items in bulk from a site like NutritionFix can save a lot of money over buying them one at a time.
Overall I was impressed with NutritionFix. Their site is simple, organized and well laid out with categorized drop downs and search feature make it easy to find what you are looking for. They also have 24/7 customer service which is a huge plus. NutritionFix’s prices are comparable to competitors such as .
The purchase experience is exactly what I would expect from an online company. Each purchase gets a branded order confirmation and a shipping tracking email. The products also did not take long to get to my door once I placed my order. Shipping is free for orders over $100 which is consistent with their competitors.
NutritionFix could definitely improve on a few things but that is true of any website. For example, there is no section for product reviews on their site. This is an important feature for online shopping and especially for researching new products. However they do have an online community where customers can discuss products. Also some of the search functionality is a little clunky but that is not a big deal. I will have no hesitation to shop NutritionFix for my trail running and hiking supplement needs.
Product Review:
Clif bars and gels are my main fuel source when I am trail running, backpacking or doing any sustained activity. NutritionFix sent me a box of 12 chocolate almond fudge Clif bars and a box of 24 Clif citrus energy gels. Both of these flavors were new to me so I was excited to get outside and put them to the test. I took them on many trail runs, bike rides and even the brutal Seven Sisters Trail race. Here is what I thought:
Energy gel are designed to be a fast digesting source of electrolytes and carbohydrates to provide quick energy during high output activities. The gels I received also had a half shot of caffeine for an extra jolt. During long runs or rides these gave me the perfect boost to keep going. I especially like them because they take the guesswork out of nutrition; just down one gel every 45 minutes or so and you are good to go. The flavor is good but these definitely won’t be your favorite food.
I have relied on Clif Bars for years in the backcountry. They are loaded with carbohydrates, some protein and the other ingredients that the body needs to keep performing during backpacking or hiking. Their solid nature and good taste also provides a welcome and more filling break from gels. The only downside to Clif bars is that they take on a hockey puck consistency and become hard to chew in extremely cold temperatures.  I solve this issue by putting them on “preheat” by carrying them in my pocket before eating them.
NutritionFix is a solid company that caters to the nutritional needs of anyone who is active. I highly recommend checking them out to help take your nutrition to the next level.
NutritionFix provided New England Outside with complementary products in exchange for unbiased blog coverage. New England Outside was in no way obligated to provide a favorable review.