The Original PEET Dryer is a simple and easy to use device that quickly dries out sweaty or wet footwear. I received one as a gift and now that I have used it I can’t imagine how I have gone this long without one. Unless you like wet shoes you should think about picking up a PEET Dryer.

Running, skiing, hiking or just about any outdoor activity can leave your footwear sweaty and damp which is bad. Dry boots last longer and just plain feel more comfortable when you take them into the elements again. The drying process can be challenging. You can air dry or put newspaper in your boots which will work but will take time. If you try to speed up the process with something like a hair dryer the concentrated heat will likely damage your boots. The Original PEET Dryer creates a nice compromise that will safely and quickly dry boots.

The PEET Dryer is extremely simple. It is just a plug in plastic base with two plastic pipes where you can add extensions to place boots on. Once plugged in it silently circulates warm, but not hot, air throughout boots to safely dry them. PEET has been making boot dryers since 1968 which gives me faith that they know what they are doing.


I put the dryer to the test after my first day of skiing. My ski boots were soaking wet from a snowy day on the slopes. I plugged in the PEET Dryer, placed my ski boots on it and let it work its magic. A few hours later my ski boots were completely dry as if I had never used them. I noticed that the air coming out of the dryer was warm but not hot. I technically had to put the ski boots on the dryer backwards to make them fit but it still worked fine.

Overall I am very impressed by the PEET Dryer. It is easy to use and it does its job with no bells or whistles. If I could change anything I might add a light to indicate if it is on or not but this isn’t necessary since it is on if it is plugged in. The Original PEET Dryer retails for about $40 and I recommend you check it out unless you like damp boots!

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