2 Easy ways to get your feet into cold ski boots

I stopped smiling once I could not get my boots on

I stopped smiling once I could not get my boots on

Cold or wet ski boots can be a hard thing to get your feet into. In the past I have found the task so daunting that I actually gave up carried my skis and boots down the mountain. It is not fun to hike down a mountain with your skis on your back while your friends ski down. I don’t want this to happen to you so here are two easy tips to get your feet into cold boots.

1. Pull the tongue forward and out

Pull the tongue of the boot forward and then slightly to the side. This might seem like a small thing but it creates a lot more room for your foot than just pulling the tongue forward.

2. Put on dry socks

Trying to slide wet socks into a wet boot can be an almost impossible task. Put on a pair of thin, dry ski socks and your feet should go into your boots much easier. Plus your feet always feel better with dry socks!

These tips might seem extremely simple or even obvious but they work. If I had tried either of these then I would not have had to carry my skis down the mountain. What are your tips for getting into cold or wet ski boots?

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