Does snowshoeing in fresh snow through pastures and wooded trails under a full moon along a candle lit path sound like fun to you? If so then you do not want to miss Maple Corner Farm’s Full Moon Snowshoe event.

Maple Corner Farm, located in Granville MA, has been operating as a family farm since 1812. It produces hay, maple syrup and maple products. It also has cross country ski and snowshoe trails along with gear rentals and lessons. They stay open late during winter full moons so skiers and snowshoers can enjoy the trails at night followed by entertainment in the rustic lodge. This place basically has everything that makes New England special.


Maple Corner Farm is located down a winding country road in the middle of a pasture.


It has a welcoming and rustic lodge with a fireplace where you can get your trail ticket, have a snack or listen to the band that was starting to play. The people who work here are friendly and they genuinely seem to love what they do. This place couldn’t be more New England if it tried.


We bought our tickets, put on our snowshoes and headed onto the trails. The light of the full moon along with candles along the route ensured that we didn’t get lost. 14 inches of snow had fallen in recent days which left every tree blanketed with snow and the temperature was 30 degrees; perfect snowshoe conditions.


The trails winded through open fields, up small hills through the woods and back to the lodge.

Several other cross country skiers and snowshoers were on the trail but most of the time we had the trail to ourselves. We soon returned to the lodge to find many people relaxing and enjoying the live music and snacks.


I believe that this is one of the best winter experiences that you can have in New England. Maple Corner Farm might have another full moon snowshoeing event in March if there is enough snow; if this happens make sure you don’t miss it.