Tread Labs Stride Insole Review


Here at New England Outside we spend a lot of time on our feet, which means that we are always looking for the best arch support for the long run, hike or any other adventure we go on. Our friends at Tread Labs recently sent us their new Stride insole and it has quickly become our new best friend.

You might remember Tread Labs since we reviewed their original insoles last year. That was a great product but the Stride insole takes it a step farther. The new insole is designed to be more comfortable and longer lasting and who wouldn’t like that?


We are big Tread Labs fans because they are based right here in New England. Also they are a company that backs up their claims that they make high quality and customizable products. Their insoles come in multiple sizes and 4 levels of arch support so that everyone can get the fit they are looking for. Additionally, they claim that their molded arch support does not wear out and is guaranteed to last forever, yes forever. All of this adds up to create a high end product that is noticeably better then cheaper insoles. This product does have a premium price, around $75 per pair, but is it worth it? We took them to the field, the mountain, the road and the mud to find out.

It is natural to second-guess yourself as you step into a shoe with Tread Labs insoles for the first time. You might ask yourself some questions. Are they supposed to feel this firm? Is that extra arch support that I noticed? Aren’t insoles supposed to be cushy like a pillow? These questions fade away with each step as you stop worrying about your insoles and feet because they feel so comfortable. Tread Labs insoles take care of your feet, which lets you spend more time taking in the world around you. We tested our insoles for hundreds of miles that included casual walks, intense tempo runs, endless road long runs and muddy trail runs. Stride insoles were up to all of these challenges by keeping our feet comfortable the whole time.


We even put Stride insoles in our shoes for the 2016 Vermont City Marathon. After 26.2 miles in 94 degree heat my feet felt as good at the finish line as they did at the start line. This was amazing as I am used to having sore feet and arch pain when I do long runs with other insoles. If I can trust Tread Labs in a marathon then I can trust them anywhere.

Last time we reviewed Tread Labs insoles we noticed a cosmetic issue where some adhesive and laminate started peeling off. That is not the case with the Stride insole. These things look brand new after hundreds of miles.

Tread Labs insoles cost more than other insoles but we feel you get a lot more for that price. Injury free adventure always starts with healthy and happy feet. Therefore we think you deserve the best and we think that Tread Labs is it.


Tread Labs provided New England Outside with complimentary insoles for this review. However New England Outside was under no obligation to provide a positive review. The opinions expressed in this post are ours and ours alone. 

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