Interview with Trevor Hostetler; the founder of Run The Rock 50

Stunning landscapes, challenging elevation profiles and a great post race experience are just a few of the many things that make trail racing such a special sport. I am always on the lookout for races that have all of these things. I knew that I had found my next 50 miler when I stumbled across the Run The Rock 50 on Ultrasignup. This race will happen for the first time on November 11, 2017 in Oregon’s Smith Rock State Park. It is the first offering from newly formed Alpine Running, LLC that was founded by Trevor Hostetler.


Trevor knows a thing or two about trail running events! Photo from

Trevor has years of race organizing experience in the Pacific Northwest. He also has a passion for the mountains and mountaineering, which means we got along great. He currently lives near Smith Rock State Park, which makes it the perfect location for his company’s first event. His passion for the mountains and running is undeniable and his race organizing credentials are solid. I spoke with Trevor to learn more about the Run The Rock 50 and to find out why it has the makings of a destination race.

New England Outside (NEO): What inspired you to create the Run The Rock 50?

Trevor: I have been rock climbing at Smith Rock since the 1980s and the area inspired me. I hope people can come out and enjoy the race and the area. Smith Rock has so many cool trails to explore. It also benefits the Redmond High School cross-country team. It is great to see the community’s dedication to the kids and running.

NEO: What will the event experience be like?

Trevor: I want people to have fun first and foremost. I don’t want to create a corporate feel. Instead I want to create a low-key race where runners can have fun. The course will be well marked with plenty of aid stations. 2 out of 3 aid station volunteers will be from the Redmond High School cross-country team. I want runners to be able to soak in the views and enjoy some local beer and food.

NEO: Speaking of food, what kind of food do you plan to have at the event?

Trevor: I am still working this out by determining what is best for the runners. There are a lot of local options that I will choose from. We also have great local sponsors such as Backporch Coffee Roasters, Birdseed Foods, Skout Backcountry and GoodLife Brewing that will be there.

NEO: What kind of weather do you expect on race day?

Trevor: I am hoping for sunny skies and stable weather. This time of year will have some of the better weather in Oregon. It could be chilly in the 30s or as high as the lower 60s.

NEO: That weather sounds pretty good to me as someone who is used to New England’s humidity! Good weather and a great course make for an awesome race. What is the course like? Is it good for first timers?

Trevor: The 50 miler will do a lollipop and use 80% of the same course as the 50k. 85% is single-track trail. The 50 miler has a modest 6,000 feet of elevation gain. The average elevation is 3,200 feet above sea level so altitude should not be an issue. 50-mile runners will complete 2 25 mile loops with 7 fully stocked aid stations. I think this makes it a great race for newcomers.

NEO: What is your vision for future events?

Trevor: I have some ideas that I will keep secret in CA and CO. I am looking at a 14,000 ft. peak in CO. All of these are proposals with permits that are pending. It is a tricky time to put on trail running events. There might be 3-6 races on any given weekend so people can pick and choose. I am trying to put races in spots where they can be destination events.


who would not want to run 50 miles here?

During our conversation it became clear that Trevor is organizing this race because he is passionate about running, his community and Smith Rock State Park. He wants this event to be a way to share these things with the running community. This is really refreshing at a time when plenty of corporations are creating races to add to the bottom line. I am so excited about the Run the Rock 50 that I think it is worth flying across the country for. Will I see you there?

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