My Date with the 7 Sisters

There are trail races and there is the 7 Sisters Trail Race. Some trail races meander over pleasant meadows, fields of flowers and forgiving hills. The 7 Sisters Trail race climbs almost 4,000 feet in 12 miles while subjecting runners to mud, loose rock and sometimes vertical climbing. The average runner takes three hours to complete this feat which is agonizingly slow by road running standards.

Just for a little more perspective, I have never had a pair of shoes that could withstand this course twice without being mortally damaged. Also, it is common to see runners on the side of the course with ankle injuries, gashed hands or just pure devastation from the unforgiving course (please help anyone you see who meets that description). Are you surprised that people actually pay to subject themselves to this?

Since you have read this far I will tell you the good part:

1. The 100+ people that run this race are extremely supportive and fun; you almost feel like you are running with family instead of a bunch of strangers.
2. The views are breathtaking should you take the time to look at them.
3. You will burn enough calories to justify eating desert that night.
4. Finishing this race is an accomplishment that you deserve to be proud of.
5. Everything in life will be easy after this.

I will take on this race for the fourth time, on Sunday May 2 with goal to finish in less than three and a half hours.

Did you read this and think “sounds like fun”? If so, please check out the 7 Sisters Trail Race website and I will see you on race day!


2 thoughts on “My Date with the 7 Sisters

  1. gary

    This was a fun race to do with Grant when I was younger but now I cannot keep up. Everyone should give it a try. At the very least you can just hike it.

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