Party + Canoes = 2010 Westfield River Race

What was I thinking when I signed up for the 2010 Westfield River Whitewater Race? My boat is a Dagger RPM MAX which is great for the rapids but it tracks as well as a bath tub (and half as fast) in flat water, I had spent 10 minutes training this year, and the weather called for sub 40 degrees with almost certain rain. I guess I was thinking that it is more fun to paddle with others and on that April 17 morning I had 200 plus new friends to join me on the river.

This the oldest canoe race in the United States for a reason. Your $15 entry fee gets you into an exclusive party with hundreds of paddlers waiting their turn to get in the water and eight miles of top notch paddling that features everything from flat-water to class III rapids. The hundreds of fans lining the course and rescue boaters at the most intense rapid are icing on the cake. If you ask me, that is money well spent.


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