The New England Bucket List

You only get one shot at life and that means that you should seek out as many adventures as possible. New England is a region where adventure is easy to find. The challenge is choosing the most epic and bucket list worthy experiences. Below you will find “The New England Bucket List” which, in my view, contains some of the best adventures that this region has to offer. Hopefully this helps you spend more time adventuring and less time researching!

Climb Mount Washington via Huntington Ravine

When: Summer – Fall

Where: Pinkham Notch, NH

At 6,289 feet Mount Washington is the tallest peak in the northeast and it has the most unpredictable weather. Ascending via Huntington Ravine provides the most epic route during the summer months. You will take on boulders, rock slabs and steep pitches as you climb the thousands of feet to get to the summit. Even though you will share the summit with those who drove up or took the train this is a hike that you will remember for years to come. Any New England bucket list without this mountain is simply incomplete. Mount Washington’s weather can be deadly so be prepared to hike safely above tree line.

Do a century ride at BikeFest Tour of the Valley


When: September 19

Where: Northampton, MA

BikeFest is the Northampton Cycling Club’s celebration of all things related to the bicycle. The fully supported 104-mile ride will treat you to fall foliage, quaint villages and beautiful farmland as you pedal through Western Massachusetts, the hill towns and even southern Vermont while in the company of hundreds of other cyclists. This scenery is what makes New England the beautiful region that is. Of course the ride itself is part of the adventure with 7,000 feet of climbing and over a hundred miles! BikeFest has plenty of shorter rides if a century just is not your thing. The post ride BBQ and beer are icing on the cake.

Earn your turns at Mount Watatic

When: On the most epic powder day of the season

Where: Ashby, MA

New England skiing at resorts can be an adventure but if you take away the groomers, snow making and crowds of skiers then you really have something special. Mount Watatic was one the many small ski areas that have faded into New England’s past. The lifts stopped in the 1980s and it is now a very popular hiking destination but the ski trails are still there. If you are willing to skin or carry your skis up the slopes then you may be rewarded with one of the best ski days of your life if conditions are good.

Snowshoe under a full moon at Maple Corner’s Farm

When: Winter nights with a full moon

Where: Maple Corner Farm in Granville, MA

What could be more New England than following a candle lit trail through farm fields under the light of a full moon on a crisp winter night? You can find all of this at Maple Corner Farm where your adventure will start and end with refreshments by a roaring fire in their lodge.

Sea kayak at Acadia National Park


Where: Acadia National Park, ME

When: Spring-Fall

Acadia is the only national park in New England and it is has something for everyone. You can rock climb, hike or bike but a kayak will give you a bucket list worthy vantage point of one of the most beautiful regions in New England. You will paddle by seals, lighthouses and islands as you have an experience that is definitely worth writing home about. If you aren’t familiar with sea kayaking then there are plenty of guide services that will provide the boat and instructions to safely enjoy this adventure.

What is on your bucket list?

2 thoughts on “The New England Bucket List

  1. Karl Searl

    This is a great topic!!! You should make this a blogger challenge for other outdoor blogs on the web. I’m already thinking about what my bucket list is for outdoor adventures. Huntington is one of them! Great topic!


    1. Grant Ritter

      Karl, I am glad you like this topic! I love the idea of a blogger challenge. I will definitely do that; it would be exciting to see what kind of lists thats everyone else comes up with! I can’t wait to see your list@

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