If you ever go outside or near large windows then you need sunglasses. Without them, UV rays and glare can obstruct your vision and damage your eyes. Wearing sunglasses is a no brainer but which ones should you get? You can spend between $10-500 and a quick search on Zappos.com yields over 2000 sunglasses options. I did my research, bought some Oakley Straight Jackets and can honestly say that they are the best sunglasses I have ever owned. Are these the right glasses for you? Check out my review below to find out.

I started my search by looking for a pair of glasses that would work for cycling, running, hiking, and casual use which narrowed down the choice to a few hundred pairs. Then I saw the Oakley Straight Jackets, was blown away by the style/ features and pulled the trigger. According to Oakley, the Straight Jackets have a Hydrophobic coating that supposedly repels rain and dust, High Definition Optics, impact resistant lenses, and Unobtanium that increases grip as you sweat. Those are all nice sounding words but it is all about performance right?

I ordered my Straight Jackets from Zappos.com and got them in about 2 days. My first reaction was that these glasses looked cool. But it is all about performance so I immediately went to a trail run with them. The fit is extremely comfortable and the glasses really do seem to stay in place as you sweat. However, the lenses are really what make these glasses worth it. The lens quality and clarity is simply amazing. I also had no issues with fogging whether I was running, cycling, or hiking.

Oakley has given me no incentive to recommend their products. I recommend that you check out Oakley’s Straight Jackets simply because they are the best glasses I have ever worn. However, everyone’s face is different so make sure they work for you. Also, the price, $180 for a polarized pair, is a little steep. However it seems that Oakley backs up their pricing and marketing with an unbeatable pair of sunglasses.

Image used from Google Products