The temperatures are finally dipping below 30 degrees and snow is regularly in the forecast which means that winter is finally here. Unfortunately this season only lasts about 3 months which is just 12 weekends (24 days) to get out there and make the most of it. A wise man once said if you tell someone your goals then you are more likely to achieve them. So here are my winter 2011 goals:

1. Overnight on the Franconia Ridge

I could write a long adjective filled paragraph about why this tops my list or I could just show you this picture. Quite simply I want to see this when I wake up in the morning:

photo by: Jeremy Hitchcock

2. Summit Mount Washington

Mount Washington is the tallest mountain in New England. It is arguably one of the most difficult winter ascents this side of the Mississippi. What is not to love?

3. 15 Ski Days

Last year was my first real ski season and I logged 15 days. This year I want to continue developing as a skier which means I need to get out there and do it. 15 ski days should give me the time I need to grow my skills and have also have lot of fun skiing!

4. Successfully Ski Moguls

I was not too good as moguls last year. I would usually make one or two turns and then use a mogul as a jump that would propel me to a hilarious and painful yard sale aka crash. I would like to successfully navigate moguls as a test to see if I learned anything since last year.

5. Take a Winter Mountaineering Course

Winter undoubtedly the most beautiful and rewarding season to be outside, it is also the most dangerous. I have winter hiking experience but there is no substitute for education. This will be a step toward gaining the skills for increasingly difficult winter ascents.

6. Begin Training for the Seven Sisters Trail Race

The Seven Sisters race is in May which is nowhere near winter. However, last year I did not have the conditioning to even finish the race. This year I want to set a personal record which means I will need to be out there training in the heart of what is hopefully a mighty New England winter.

Accomplishing these goals will make for an epic and educational winter. What are your goals?