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I used to have a glove dilemma. Last winter I had my mountaineering gloves, mittens and glove liners. This meant my hands were toasty while resting or active in cold but dry conditions but I had no option for high activity in cold and wet conditions. My heavy gloves or mittens would be to warm and the liners would work until they became water logged. I set out to solve that problem this winter by buying a glove that is light, warm and waterproof with good dexterity. I purchased the Black Diamond Arc Glove and have been wondering what I ever did without it.

Black Diamond describes the Arc Glove as a warm and light glove with a 100% waterproof BDry insert with a leather-ish palm. They suggest this glove as a perfect companion for ski touring or climbing. It retails for about $64. I knew this was the glove I was looking for as soon as I put it on. The Arc Glove has a very snug fit which, combined with the leather-ish palm, allows for plenty of dexterity.

Of course glove dexterity usually requires sacrificing warmth. The Arc glove’s Thinsulate lining does a surprisingly good job at keeping my hands warm. I have used them skiing, hiking or snow shoveling at 25 degrees and my hands felt great. These gloves would be even warmer with a light glove liner. I am sure my hands might get cold if I was just sitting around in sub 30 degree temperatures, but that is not what I bought these gloves for. I think these gloves will be great for hiking, or spring skiing. I also think they will be useful for setting up a tent in cold temps where you need dexterity but would also like to have warm hands.

I should probably add that you don’t need to be in an extreme alpine environment to enjoy the Arc glove. Its subtle style and leather-ish grip make it a great choice for daily tasks like driving, walking the dog, getting the mail and that sort of thing. I can even adjust the radio or unlock my doors with these gloves on; try that with a heavy pair of gloves! I have used the Arc glove almost every day since I bought it which is more than I can say for most of my winter gear.

The Black Diamond Arc glove is a great waterproof and warm choice when you are active and don’t need heavy gloves. It is one of the best compromises between dexterity and warmth that you will find; I recommend checking it out. Black Diamond gave me no incentive to write this review.