3 thoughts on “2011 Seven Sisters Redemption

  1. Karl

    Grant – Sorry, as usual, I'm a bit behind in reading my list of “go-to” blogs. Awesome job, man! For some reason, a while back, when you posted your “revenge” of this trail run, I thought it was much later in the season…I just went back to it, and you indeed say it is on May 1st this year. Anyway, didn't know it was this close.

    It looks like you did a fantastic job. 3:23 is a kickass time for this distance and elevation gain! Glad to hear you had a lot of support to on Mt. Holyoke to give you the boost you needed. There is nothing like good support! Great job! You did a great job bringing the race to us too!


  2. pbazanchuk

    Nice work Grant.
    A few of my usual training partners have come to calling those climbs up from the Low Place the “Three Witches” sort of in keeping will the female theme.

  3. Grant

    Karl – Its all good; I am sure your free time is rapidly diminishing now that your family is growing! Thanks for the comment! I wish the race a little farther out so I would have had more time to train! Your right, moral support simply can't be over rated.

    Paul – I like the sound of “Three Witches”, I can't think of a more draining climb then that one.

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