Mizuno Wave Ascend 6 Trail Running Shoe Review

image from zappos.com
I  have used the Mizuno Wave Ascends for years and have been extremely impressed by the Wave Ascend 5. Therefore I was very excited to try out the Mizuno Waved Ascend 6. This proved to be a slight improvement on earlier versions that will continue to delight those who are looking for a rugged trail running shoe.
Mizuno designed this shoe to have a snug fit with a roomy toe box. The Wave Ascend 6 weighs in at 13 oz which means it has gained some weight from the 11.4 oz Wave Ascend 5. Also, the new version’s toe cap seems to be slightly less robust than the previous version.  However, the shoe still has the off road tire like tread and the shoe comes in plenty of bright colors.
My Experience:
These shoes fit my feet perfectly. Right out of the box they felt comfortable and snug with no heel lift. I also thought they looked pretty snazzy in the bright yellow color; it was almost a shame that I had to get them muddy.
I tested my new Wave Ascends on the Mount Holyoke’s M + M trail the day after a rain storm to ensure that they would face plenty of mud, roots, loose rocks and steep inclines.  I found that the shoe gave me confident traction in all of these conditions. The Wave Ascend 6 had no problem getting me up steep and muddy ascents while it made quick work of wet rock slabs and root strewn trails. Needless to say, I was impressed.
The Wave Ascend has the classic Mizuno feel where it provides enough support but it still lets you feel connected to the trail. The Wave Ascend 6 is a solid update from the Wave Ascend 5. Everything about this shoe just seems to work for me so I will continue to run Mizunos for the foreseeable future. 
Mizuno gave New England Outside no incentive to write this review

5 thoughts on “Mizuno Wave Ascend 6 Trail Running Shoe Review

  1. Anonymous

    I have always ran in mizunos, 3 marathons, a bunch of halfs and so on. I recieved these as a gift and am not a trail runner. What are your thoughts on using these on the road or treadmill? i have knee issues, so i am super hesitant about changing up my norm shoes?

  2. Grant

    Congrats on your running achievements! I personally don't like the feel of these shoes on pavement. I don't know what it is but they just don't feel right on the road, they are meant for the trail. I might recommend sticking with your tried and true shoes for road running and maybe using the Wave Ascends as casual shoes? It might also be worth giving trail running a shot, some say that is lower impact.

  3. june

    Thanks Grant,

    that was what I was thinking. I really like the feel and look of them, but worry about the ride on the road. I think I will seek out some local trails to try to change it up a bit. Unfortunately here on the coast we don't have much to pick from, unless a beach run would work?

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