Mizuno’s Wave Ascend is the most comfortable and versatile trail running shoe I have ever used. It is a great choice for short and long distances on a variety of terrain such as rocks and mud. Is it the right shoe for you? Check out my review to find out.

happy feet
The Wave Ascend weighs 11.4 oz, comes in a few eye catching colors and is designed to have a low stance that helps you feel connected to the trail. They have a snug fit with just enough room in the toe box. The treads are very aggressive like an off road tire and the toe cap is designed to provide good protection.  According to Mizuno, the Wave Ascend  is also full of technological innovations like  “Wave Technology”, “Smoothride Engineering” and a “Dynamotion Fit”. These are great marketing terms but what do they mean? Based on my experience, it means that the shoe is designed to handle tough terrain and provide a smooth ride.
My Experience
I have subjected the Wave Ascends to the 7 Sisters Trail Race, the Warrior Dash , and countless 2-13 mile training runs  in diverse conditions. Throughout all of this I have been extremely impressed with the high level of comfort, support and traction that the Wave Ascends provided. I can run up rock slabs or through mud with the confidence that my shoes won’t slip. I should note that I also added Superfeet Green insoles for even better support.  
At the 7 Sisters mid point in my Mizuno Wave Ascends

My feet feel extremely comfortable in these shoes after hours of running yet the Wave Ascends are still light enough for speed workouts; not many trail runners offer that kind of versatility. The Wave Ascends is best suited to the trail and I would not recommend using them on the road. The only notable defect is that the Wave Ascend toe cap tends to separate from the shoe after prolonged abuse. However I easily corrected this with shoe glue and it is no longer a problem.

I have used many trail runners from Saucony, New Balance, Ascics and the North Face; none of these can match the Wave Ascend’s comfort and versatility. I highly recommend the Mizuno Wave Ascend if you are in the market for a supportive trail runner.  
Mizuno has given New England Outside no incentive to write this review.