Leasing lets you spend more money on hats
Did you know that you can lease skis for the entire season? Leasing is significantly cheaper than buying and much more convenient than renting at the mountain. 
You can easily spend over $2,000 if you buy a set of skis, bindings, boots and poles. This might make sense if you are an advanced skier but it is not the best option for newer skiers. Many ski shops, such as Valley Bike and Ski Werks , Competitive Edge, or Ski Haus, will lease skis for the entire season for about $119. This is a great value since many ski areas will charge $40 just for one day ski rentals. 
I would rather be skiing

Leasing means you walk into the shop in October, pick up your skis, tear it up all winter and hand them back in May This is a lot easier than renting from the ski areas that force you to wait in line and get fit for rental skis each time you go skiing. I would rather go from the car to the slopes with my leased skis.
A season lease allows you to use the same ski setup all season which helps you become a better skier. Oh yeah, Valley Bike and Ski Werks gave me a free 1 day pass to Berkshire Eastwith my lease which saves another $50 that I would have spent on a lift ticket. 
Check out my skis, they are leased

Leasing skis is simply the most cost effective way to get tear up the slopes this winter. Check out my 5 Tips to Save Money on Skiing  for a few others way to ski more and spend less.