Win a copy of The Will to Climb by Ed Viesturs: New England Outside’s Outdoor Resolutions Contest

2012 is almost here and now is the time for you to get inspired to make sure it is an epic year. What could be more inspiring than story about a man who climbed the world’s deadliest mountain? That is why New England Outside is kicking off 2012 with a giveaway of The Will to Climb by Ed Viesturs.

Who is Ed Viesturs?
You probably already know who Ed Viesturs is but, in case you don’t, here is a little info about him. According to his bio, he has successfully climbed all 14 of the world’s 8000 meter peaks with no supplemental oxygen. This quest took him 18 years and he is the only American to ever accomplish it. Ed has been on 29 Himalayan expeditions and stood on the summit of Everest seven times. On top of all this, Ed has always climbed with a risk averse and team focused attitude. His other books include No Shortcuts to the Top and K-2, life and Death on the World’s Most Dangerous Mountains.
About The Will to Climb
Annapurna, located in the Himalaya, is the 10th highest mountain and the most deadly mountain on earth. The Will to Climb is about Ed’s three attempts to climb this treacherous peak. He also talks about this mountain’s tragic history and those who have attempted to climb it. Ed also explains what these successes and failures teach us about facing life’s greatest challenges.
How you can enter to win this book:
The Will to Climb is about epic goals and New Years is right around the corner so it is only fitting that this contest has an outside focused New Year’s resolution theme. The New Year is also about opportunity so I am giving you five opportunities to win!  
Entry 1: Leave a comment on this post that explains your most epic 2012 outdoor goals. It could be climbing the driveway or climbing Everest, there is no wrong answer!
Entry 2: Share this post on your Facebook Page. Be sure to explain the contest along with a comment about your 2012 outdoor goals. In order to get credit you must leave another comment on this post, explaining that you shared this on Facebook. This comment must be separate from any other comments you might have made.
Entry 3: Share this post on Twitter. Be sure to include the following things in your tweet:
                -your 2012 outdoor goal, I understand if this needs to be brief!
                -a link to this post
               – @NewEnglnOutside
Once you have done that you must leave another comment here, separate from other comments, which states you shared the post on Twitter.
Entry 4 and 5This will take a little more effort so it is worth 2 entries. If you have a blog, write a post about this giveaway with a link to this post. Be sure to state your 2012 outdoor goals in your post. Once you have done that you must leave yet another comment on this post that includes the link to your blog post.
So there you have it, there are 5 ways to win The Will to Climb by Ed Viesturs. If you do all 5 steps then you will need to leave 4 separate comments on this post, sounds easy right?
Comments will be accepted until midnight January 17, 2012 which gives you plenty of time to submit your entries. I will then randomly select the winner. If you win, and I have your contact info, I will let you know. Otherwise you must check back here on January 17, 2012 to see if you won. Once the winner is announced, if I don’t hear from the winner within a day I will give the book to the runner up.  
This contest format was inspired by my friends at Live Free and Hike New Hampshire
Please note that New England Outside has no association with Ed Viesturs or the publishers of The Will to Climb.  

20 thoughts on “Win a copy of The Will to Climb by Ed Viesturs: New England Outside’s Outdoor Resolutions Contest

  1. DeezRitz

    Just to get outside more often. It exercises your problem solving abilities, battles depression, and uses your physical abilities while you still have them. Remember; we all get too old for this stuff. I'd also like to document more of our national treasures through photo to remind people of their importance

  2. Karl

    Hmm…my goal for 2012 is to see my baby's face light up for the first time when she sees the mountain landscape for the first time from a summit. Where buying a baby backpack this year and I hope to start hiking with her in the spring. I'm very nervous about it. I'm scared to fall or slip with her on my back…especially when I get tired and sloppy on the way down!

  3. Scott Rice

    2012 goal! My wife and I are planning to section hike the 77 mile North South Trail in R.I over 6 weekends. After that, we would like to return to N.H. to summit Mt. Monadnock again, then begin to explore a 4000 footer.

  4. Beth

    Looks like a great book. My husband is a fan of Ed Viesturs so I'll enter for him! Actually, we do have outdoor goals. Our main one for the year is hike to Virgin Falls and camp overnite. Also just more hiking in general.

  5. Anonymous

    Greetings. Goal 1: Remain a non-techy, therefore this will be my only entry:) Goal 2: Remain faithful to faith, family and country. Goal 3: Remain immersed in God's great creation.

  6. Paula

    Ok – I have 17 4000 footers in NH done. 2012 goal is climb the balance of the ones I haven't climbed that are NOT on the AT. Going to attempt the AT in 2013. Pick me!

  7. Grant

    scott, thanks for your comment. I am going to run the random number generator tonight. I was delayed becuse my PC died last week but I have a new one and am back online now.

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