You can reverse the trend
The winter of 2012 has been a harsh slap in the face from the weather gods who spoiled us with epic snowfall last year. This winter’s 50+ degree days and meager snowfall may have you thinking that the season is lost. Have no fear, winter is out there and here are 5 ways to find it.
      Go to the Snow (Even if it is Fake):
Much of New England is forced to endure snow-less landscapes this year. It would be easy to think that it is this way all over New England but that just is not true. You might need to drive a little farther but it is worth it for the winter conditions that you seek. 
Yes that is real snow falling at Waterville
There is snow out there. Many places in New Hampshire, such as Waterville Valley, have seen regular amounts of natural snow even when it was 50 degrees in southern New England.

Berkshire East’s snow might be fake but my skis can’t tell the difference
I recently skied Berkshire East, in Charlemont MA, and enjoyed near perfect man-made snow conditions. This all means that winter may not be everywhere but it is somewhere and that is where you should go. 

Utilize Technology:

A nice weekend forecast

Check weather reports to find out where the snow is headed. I like to save weather reports for my favorite New England hiking spots so I can instantly see where I need to go this weekend. This sounds simple but it is the best way to see that weather can be drastically different across New England.

Also, many smartphone apps automatically keep you in the loop on favorable weather. For example,’s app let you instantly check ski conditions at nearby resorts. It also lets you set automatic alerts when any of these areas get dumped on.
Seize the Moment:
When the snow finally comes it might be unfairly melted away the next day by this year’s warm temperatures. This means you need to be ready to play in the snow when it gets here.

This is Berkshire East in October. photo from Powder Magazine.

For example, a few folks from Powder Magazine tracked last year’s October snowstorm and were at Berkshire East, which happened to be the snow epicenter, as soon as the snow stopped falling. They were treated to a powder day the likes of which many North-easterners have never seen.  It was not long before that snow was melted away.

Make a Plan
      Once the snow falls there will be no time for planning or else you might miss your chance to enjoy winter conditions. Use the time before the storm wisely. Think about what hike, ski descent or winter activity that you want to do and then make a plan. This way you will be ready to act as soon as the temperatures drop. 

         Bring Winter to Your Living Room: 

Nothing says winter like a 90s mountaineering movie

     Sometimes the weather just won’t cooperate, this is when you need to take matters into your own hands. I recommend watching one of the many mountaineering/ ski movies or reading a book on your favorite winter topic. At least this will help distract you from the non-epic weather outside.

      What are your methods for dealing with a non-wintry winter?