What are your winter goals?

Winter officially starts on December 21 and ends on March 19. That may seem like a long time but if you work or go to school during the week then it is really just 13 weekends, or 26 total days, to get out there and make your winter dreams a reality.  Every weekend needs to count and that is why I think it is helpful to make a list of your goals before the snow starts falling.

Below are my top 5 winter goals, what are yours?
1. Ascend Mount Washington via Huntington Ravine
we almost did it last year!
Huntington Ravine is one of the steepest and most technical routes up Mount Washington. My friends and I trained here last year, as we were preparing for our Mount Rainier attempt, but we never used it as a route to the summit. This route will be a true test of the skills we have worked so hard to build over the past few years. 
2. Climb vertical ice
JR ice climbing at Texaco Slab
I spent one day ice climbing at Texaco Slab last winter and I have been wanted to go back ever since. Ice climbing presents a whole slew of new challenges that are currently outside of my comfort zone but I hope to change that. Of course I plan to go with people who can show me how to do everything safely since I am so new to this.

3. Improve my crevasse rescue skills
working on crevasse rescue
I have never been as comfortable as I wanted to be with crevasse rescue. This is an essential skill for glacier climbing and I hope to do more of that in the near future. I would like to use this winter to freshen and enhance my ability to do this critical safety skill. 
4. Train for Mount Rainier attempt 2
my team
My friends and I attempted Mount Rainier last summer and it was the experience of a lifetime but we did not summit. This summer I intend to go back for another attempt. The upcoming winter playground will be the perfect opportunity to train with heavy packs on steep slopes to build the endurance that is required for Mount Rainier. 
5. Camp above tree line
home sweet home
Camping above tree line in the White Mountains is an unbelievable experience. The beauty of waking up to winter views of New Hampshire’s alpine beauty is completely indescribable.  The weather patterns above tree line also usually make sure that the experience is unforgettable. Last winter we camped above tree line and got caught in a storm; this year I would like to experience a clear night above tree line.

What are your goals for this winter?

6 thoughts on “What are your winter goals?

  1. Philip Werner

    I should probably get more specific about this. My main goal is to qualify as a 4 season (winter) Appalachian Mountain Club leader so I can run my own winter trips. Think I'll write a companion piece to this on my web site and link back to your post.

  2. Adventure Spirit Guides

    Right on Grant–as you say, I think that specifically (and often publically) stating your goals is a great step toward achievement. Eager to see how the learning progresses and by all means connect with me if I can be of any assistance along the way!

  3. Grant Ritter


    Thank you and I hope you are right! I certainly feel more motivated to get my goals done now that they are public! If we can use any training you will be the only person we call!


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