Paravival Cobra Paracord Bracelet Review

Have you noticed all of the hikers with paracord bracelets on their wrists and wondered what all the hype was about? Even though they look cool these bracelets are not a fashion accessory; they can be the difference between life and death in a survival situation. That is why I was so excited when my friends from Paravival asked me if I wanted to review their Cobra Bracelet.

Paracord was originally the cord used on military parachutes during World War Two. Back then soldiers would collect the cord from their parachutes and keep it for an almost unlimited number of uses in the field. Paracord still has an unlimited number of uses for backpackers, climbers or anyone heading outdoors. It can be used to tie down a tent, hang a bear bag, create a prusik, attach a splint and a million other things. Paracord can only help you if you can quickly access it in an emergency situation which is where paracord bracelets come in. These bracelets can pack 8-16 feet of paracord that you can wear on your wrist and where you can always access it when needed. Are you stating to see what the hype is about?

Paravival was founded in 2012 in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. It is run by people who love to take advantage of the awesome outdoor activities that can be found in the Whites.  They claim to use the highest quality paracord and all of their products are made right in New Hampshire. Their site sells a huge variety of paracord products. I was immediately impressed with this company because they are local, they love what they do and are very responsive. Plenty of companies make paracord bracelets but very few of them make their products locally.

Paravival sent me their Cobra Bracelet which is their original product made from 550 paracord. In case you are wondering; 550 means that the cord can support 550 pounds. This bracelet can contain 8-16 feet of cord and it comes in a variety of colors and buckles; I chose bright blue.

When I first got my Cobra Bracelet I was not sure how to review it since a survival situation doesn’t happen too often so I decided to just put it on and go about my life. I was amazed that once the bracelet is on I forget that it is there. I wore it during errands, hikes and trail runs. Thankfully I never encountered a survival situation but it was nice knowing I had 10 feet of paracord if I did!

Next I wondered how easy it would be to deploy the bracelet if I needed it. Thankfully Paravival has a how to section on their site which explains how to deploy and reassemble their bracelets. I was able to turn my bracelet into 10 feet of usable cord in just under a minute but I am sure I could do it faster with more practice. Accessing the cord from the bracelet is definitely a lot faster than getting it from my pack.

If you have to deploy your bracelet in a survival situation then Paravival will actually send you a new one. They also provide easy assembly instructions on their site. This was surprisingly easy and I was able to reassemble my bracelet in about 10 minutes; although I admit I could probably do a better job.

Paracord bracelets can literally save your life and I will definitely carry one from now on. I also completely recommend working with Paravival because they are committed to quality and producing their products locally.

Would you like your own Paravival Cobra bracelet? Check back soon for the New England Outside Paravival giveaway!

Paravival provided New England Outside with a complimentary Cobra bracelet for review purposes.

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