ParaVival Paracord Cobra Bracelet Giveaway

You need a paracrod bracelet if you are heading into the backcountry. This simple piece of gear can help you setup a shelter, tie a prusik and do an endless list of other things that can save your life.  If you don’t already have a paracord bracelet, or if you want another, then today is your lucky day. I have partnered with my friends from ParaVival to give a Cobra Bracelet to one lucky winner. Read on to see all the ways you can enter to win this sweet prize.

Who is ParaVival?

ParaVival makes some of the best paracord gear on the market. I recently put a Cobra Bracelet to the test and was very impressed which is why I am so excited to give one of these bracelets to one lucky New England Outside reader. I am also a big fan of this company because the owners love the outdoors and they make all of their stuff right here in New England.

What is the Cobra Bracelet?

The Cobra Bracelet is a classic paracord bracelet. It is made from one continuous length of high quality cord with up to 16 feet of cord packed into each bracelet. The lucky winner will get a Cobra Bracelet in the color of their choice!

How You Can Win!

Check out the Rafflecopter giveaway below to see all the ways you can easily be entered to win. You can get up to 6 points to be randomly selected to win but you will get the most points by just leaving a comment below to let us know how you could use a paracord bracelet. Make sure to log all of your entries in the Rafflecopter widget. The winner will be randomly chosen at midnight on April 30, 2013. a Rafflecopter giveaway

14 thoughts on “ParaVival Paracord Cobra Bracelet Giveaway

  1. Hilary

    I could use one in all the ways you mentioned. I don't have a paracord bracelet, though I do have various bits of cord etc., and I really ought to. I mostly do day hiking, but still, stuff goes wrong. Thanks.

  2. Gary

    Ideally it would be used as a decorative accessory for a long, long time. I would have it in case of emergencies. Tourniquet, sling, rescue rope (I still remember how to tie a bowline from Boy Scouts.) Invaluable to have but hopefully never needed.

  3. Matt Zupka

    In a perfect world, this would remain a great accessory. but, the world is not perfect. And in my job of slaying dragons, exploring the realm and showing my offspring all that the world has to offer, a bracelet is a fantastic way to have emergency cord on hand. Weather its to rescue a damsel in distress, tie up some highway men, or measure the length of a shadow, this paracord bracelet will serve well in the years to come.

  4. Grant Ritter

    Gary, I agree that it hopefully will be a decoration for a long time! It sounds like you know all the situations where it could come in handy! Congrats on still knowing how to tie a bowline!

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