Mount Tom via the Faulkner Trail

A trip to Woodstock, VT is not complete without an ascent of Mount Tom. The Faulkner Trail will take you straight from downtown to the peak, with panoramic views, in just over 30 minutes at a moderate effort. What’s not to love about that?


see it back there?

If you have been in Woodstock, VT and happened to look up then you have probably seen Mount Tom. It is the 1,250-foot peak that towers over downtown. You might recognize it as the hill with the star on top every holiday season. It is fun to look up at the mountain but it is more fun to look at the breathtaking view from the top.


There are a lot of trails to the top but the Faulkner Trail is the best route if you want to walk from downtown. Marianne Faulkner built the trail over 75 years ago as a tribute to her husband which is another thing to love about this trail. It starts in Faulkner Park off of Mountain Road. From there it is a 2.7 mile round trip with about 600 feet of elevation gain.


The route starts as a series of beautifully maintained switchbacks with abundant signage and amazing scenery that will make it easy to forget you are just steps from downtown Woodstock.


The ascent begins gradually at first but each switchback brings you a few feet higher until the town gets smaller and smaller below you.


The terrain gets a little rockier and a little steeper as you approach the final push to the summit.


You are treated to your first view of the town before the final and most challenging climb to the top.


The last ascent is a little rocky with hand railings but it’s really not that bad if you take your time and pay attention to your footing.


The views from the top are worth the effort!


Seriously this is the best winter town view that you can get outside of a Hallmark movie or a snow globe!


Head down the way you came and you can be back in town and enjoying a tasty beverage in around 30 minutes.

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